Should You Kick The Big Wedding Idea To The Curb And Just Elope?

When you are planning a big wedding, it can be overwhelming.  The flowers, the clothing, the photographer and the many other details you must see to are just too much.  It might even make you think you want to elope.  In fact, the more you think about it, the better it sounds.

What are the advantages if you choose to elope? Well, for one thing, you won’t have to deal with all the stress of a big wedding.  You also won’t have to deal with family drama.  You won’t spend part of your special day worrying that Aunt Thelma might get snippy with Aunt Marge or that your divorced parents might be uncomfortable around each other.  If you elope, you only have to focus on you and your intended and all the magic of your special day.

You will also save an incredible amount of money if you choose to kick the whole big wedding idea to the curb and just elope.  Weddings can get outrageously expensive, even if you try to go for a simplistic theme.  With all the money you will save if you decide to go for an elopement, you can go on a fabulous honeymoon or use that money to pay on the home you are buying together.

Elopements have come a long way. Eloping no longer has to mean that you sneak away and head down to the nearest justice of the peace and tie the knot.  You can even purchase elopement packages  at different resorts and hotels.  They offer a nice package that generally includes your accommodations for several days, the ceremony, a photographer, a wedding cake and gift for you to remember where you spent your honeymoon.  This is a nice little package that has all the necessities you could wish for for a fraction of what you would spend on a big wedding.

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