Ease Worry With These Three Simple Tips

There’s an abundance of advice on the internet and in the world about how to handle your worry. You might hear that worry is like a rocking chair; it gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere. You might here that it’s a waste of time to worry about something you can’t change. You might also hear that worry is unproductive and does nothing but bring forth negativity in your life. This is all true. However, that doesn’t always make it easy to say, “Okay. I’m doing worrying. Moving on,” and actually move on. Here are three ways to help you ease your feelings of worry.

Evaluate the Worry

Is it necessary? Is what you’re worried about something you can control? For example, perhaps you are a woman in the last two weeks of your first trimester of pregnancy worried that you might miscarry because you did twice several years ago during your sixth week. Is that worry founded? Perhaps; but every pregnancy is different and you’ve already made it this far. Is what you are worried about something you can control? Not really, aside from avoiding the things that aren’t good for your pregnancy.

Ask Yourself What You’re Really Worried About

Sometimes you have to look at your evaluation and realize that you aren’t really worried about the problem you think you’re worried about. Sometimes you’re letting your fears and anger and upset with the world control your worry and make you feel insecure about something pointless.

Acknowledge Your Worry

Okay, so you’re worried about something. Go ahead and think about it. Acknowledge that something has you scared and worried. Now, remember that you can’t do anything about it and make the conscious decision to move on. You can’t control everything in the world, so don’t let it control you.


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