Don’t Be “That” Couple

My husband and I have a close group of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. We’ve all been together at least a decade, so we’re all familiar with the “old love” deal. However, we do have one single friend who recently began dating someone for the first time in the five years we’ve known him…and they are THAT couple. They are so cute, and so in love, and so sweet together. We make fun of them for their cuteness and their “honeymoon” stage, and we love it. We don’t mind that they’ve become “that” annoyingly cutesy couple, but some people find their own friends annoying when they do this. If you don’t want to be “that” couple, here are a few things you should avoid; stat.

Accept It

My husband and I have been together for 11 years and we are still annoyingly cuddly and lovey-dovey, but we’ve learned to keep it in check as much as possible when we’re with others. Believe me when I say that it’s impossible to do that when you’re in a new relationship and it’s still brand-new and exciting. Just accept the fact that you two will be the butt of all your friend’s jokes and that you will be annoying to them for a while. They still love you, so go on with your happy selves and be in love.

Don’t Bail

It’s one thing when you’re all over each other and never more than two inches from another at all times, but it’s another when you start bailing on plans with your friends that don’t include your new guy. It’s cute annoying until you start bailing on your other relationships. That’s when it becomes a deal breaker. Keep your life.

Tone Down the “We”

“We love Chinese food!” “We went to the movies and we saw a friend we used to know and we thought she looked too thin and we would never let ourselves be like that.” It’s fine to use the we word, but don’t overdo it. We all think that’s annoying.


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