Do Something Sweet for The Man in Your Life

You may think that your man loves it when you do certain things. You might think he appreciates it when he comes home to dinner on the table and a clean house. You might think he appreciates it when you invite his buddies over for a football and beer day and you leave with the kids so he can have a little man time of his own. He does appreciate these things, don’t get me wrong.  However, what he really loves is when you do little things you might not even really notice. The next time you want to earn a few brownie points or just do something nice for your guy, try one of these things.

Pack his lunch and put a love note in it. Don’t make it anything too mushy, but leaving him a little note telling him you love him or that you can’t wait to see him that night will really make his day. The fact that you took time from your day to do something for him is not something he doesn’t notice.

Send him a quick text to tell him you love him. That’s all you need to say. Those words will stick with him the rest of the day, making him feel special and loved.

Remind him to call his mom on her birthday. He might forget and it helps him out when you remember important things like this. On that note, take care of a gift and card so that when you see her for dinner it’s already prepared and he’s not forced to scramble to find her something suitable an hour before he sees her. The fact that you’re looking out for him makes a big difference in his life, and it’s something he greatly appreciates every single time you do it.


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