Diffuse An Argument Before It Starts: Strategies To Get Along Great

A lot of arguments do not have to happen but they do anyways for a number of various reasons.  It is possible to diffuse an argument before it starts and save yourself the stress and agony of a harsh argument.

Many times, we argue because we are upset about various things.  Maybe we have just had a bad day at work then come home to our spouse doing something that irritates us.  At other times, we would let it go but because we are stressed our tolerance level is lower.  When this happens, it is wise to take a breath and remind yourself you are not really that upset over whatever it is your spouse is doing to upset you.  You can diffuse an argument by realizing what is truly bothering you.

It is a good idea to make it a rule to never fight right before bedtime if it can be avoided.  You are both tired and not at your best.  You aren’t thinking clearly and fatigue is part of the enemy.  It can be wise to say, “Let’s table this until morning.”  More than likely, it will not seem worth an argument when morning comes.  It is always best to try to diffuse an argument before bedtime.

Maybe your spouse just seems to be in irritable mood and an argument could easily spark between the two of you.  You can give in to that or you can diffuse and argument by giving your spouse some grace and space.  Realize that they are having a bad day and that we all have them.  Give them grace to work through that and a dash of extra kindness.  It can also be wise to back away and allow your spouse the space to process.  Usually when you do this, they will snap out of their funk and the urge to fuss will have passed.

Not all arguments can be avoided or should be.  But there are times when you want to diffuse an argument and these tips can help you with that.

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