Dealing With People You Dislike

It doesn’t matter what you do or where you go, there are going to be times you are forced to deal with a person you dislike While a part of you might want to revert back to your elementary school days, the adult in you knows that when it comes to being around people you may not find quite your taste, you have to be mature about it. Dislike is a part of life and it isn’t easy to avoid; however, you can handle situations and people like these with class and elegance.

Be Cordial

No matter what you do, don’t stoop to any low levels by treating those you do not like with immaturity. Say hello and goodbye and simply remain cordial. There is no rule that states you have to be everyone’s best buddy, you should simply treat them with respect.

Don’t Talk About People

Few things are as unattractive as talking about other people, especially when they are in the same room. Be the bigger person and keep your comments and opinions to yourself. Talking other people down says a lot more about you than it says about them. Belittling someone you don’t like to the other people in the room does more to make you look bad than it does to make them look bad.

Accept the Issue

Maybe you dislike someone because they’re simply not your kind of person or maybe you dislike them because they are not very kind to you. Whatever the reason, accepting the issue will make it a lot easier on everyone. If you can accept that you dislike someone but that you will have to encounter that person from time to time, it makes it easier on everyone. Your acceptance of the entire issue can make it easier for you to deal when you need to.


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