Dealing with High-Maintenance People

It’s easy to get rid of high-maintenance people in your life, unless it isn’t easy. Some people are in your life whether you like it or not. Think about it: You can’t get rid of your coworkers or your brother’s wife, or your husband’s sister, but you can get rid of the friend you met in high school who just keeps getting more and more annoying. If you have to deal with high-maintenance people in your life, you should learn how to do it without making yourself crazy.


If you have a coworker who likes to treat you as her assistant rather than her equal, stop doing what she asks. You are not her coffee-fetching louse. If she wants to stop at your office and chat about her social calendar for what feels like forever, politely inform her that you don’t have time right then and there to discuss her weekend, but that you do have time to finish the conversation at a later date. Eventually, she’ll get the hint.

 Relatives of Your Man

If your man’s sister is an attention seeking you-know-what, you have to deal with it. It makes life far easier when you just put up with her crap than to make a big deal of it. If you find that you can’t handle her in real life, just suck it up and “like” her social networking statuses so that you can throw her a bone and make her feel like you care, even when you don’t.

Your Boss

Sometimes you get stuck with a boss who can’t do his or her own job and needs you to do it for them – without the big corner office and the extra zeroes at the end of your salary. When your boss constantly calls, emails, texts, and requires your attention at work and at home, it’s time to start looking for another job.


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