Dealing With Family When They Dislike Your Partner

He’s amazing and wonderful and you are madly in love; unfortunately, your family and friends don’t like your new partner.  They want you to have nothing to do with him. What are you to do when your family says they don’t like the guy you are crazy about?  There are many instances in which a woman’s family feels less than happy about the person she’s seeing. If you find yourself in this situation, here’s what to do.

Use Consideration

If your family really doesn’t like the man you’re seeing, try to be considerate. What will happen if you tell your family that it’s your life and you’ll live it how you want is that they will dislike him even more. To avoid this and potentially work on getting them to give him a second chance, try to be considerate about their feelings by asking what it is they disapprove of and have a mature conversation.

Look to the Past

One of the most important things to consider when your loved ones don’t like your loved one is whether or not something about him is similar to your rocky past. If you have a history of dating men who steal your money, cheat, lie or do other hurtful things, perhaps something about him reminds your family of that kind of guy and they’re just worried. If this is the case, you might want to be careful.


Try to make a compromise with your family. You want them to be nice to him, so compromise. Work it out before events to ensure that your family will treat him kindly despite their feelings for him so that he’s comfortable there or you will not attend. You don’t want to cut your family out of your life, but if they continue to treat him poorly, you will not come to family functions until they learn to behave and treat him with respect. Unless – of course – he’s done something so awful that he doesn’t deserve their respect and you’re just crazy for continuing to date him.


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