Dealing with Unexpected Guests At Home

We all have them and we all love them (most of the time); unexpected guests. There you are putting the finishing touches on dinner when the doorbell rings and standing there is your favorite aunt. She comes in and asks what’s for dinner (not that I have any idea what this is like, two, three, four days a week in our house or anything). What do you do when you have unexpected guests? Do you become irritated or panicked or do you adjust? Here are three tips for dealing with unexpected guests.


Not everyone knows what proper etiquette looks like, which means sometimes you just have to adapt. Becoming irritated and annoyed with your guests isn’t going to help the situation at all. If you’re in the middle of eating and have plenty more, offer your guests a plate. If not, it’s fine to point out that you’d love to serve them but you weren’t expecting guests.

Be Gracious

Never be rude to your guests, even if you are annoyed that they’re there without invitation. However, you should point out if you have other plans or are in the middle of anything else that requires your attention. For example, if you’re preparing to head out to a dinner, let your guests know what while you’d love to stay and entertain them, you’re on your way out the door. Your unexpected guests shouldn’t be offended by the fact that you have other plans.

Have a Discussion

If someone in your life makes a habit of stopping by unannounced, it’s time to talk to them. It’s okay from time to time when someone stops by unannounced (depending on your mood), it’s not okay when they make it a regular habit. If you find yourself interrupted several times a week or month, it’s time to talk to your loved ones about calling first and respecting your privacy. This can be a friendly conversation that doesn’t sound rude and uninviting. Practice saying you’d love to have guests but that you always feel like a bad hostess when you aren’t prepared.

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