Dealing With the Post-Wedding Blues

Your wedding was gorgeous, perfect and by far the best day of your life. Unfortunately, now it’s over and you’re left not with feelings of happiness that you had the best time, but feelings of sadness that suddenly it’s over. You spend a long time planning your wedding, and it makes sense that when you suddenly have no more planning, no more dozens of phone calls, hours of meetings and books of planning to take care of every single day to feel a little lost. Here are three ways to overcome the post-wedding blues.


Now that the wedding is over, it’s time to focus on the fun stuff; remembering what a great day it was. You’ll want to look forward to the day in which your photographer finishes editing all your photos. You’ll want to go through your cards and gifts and thank everyone for their wonderful generosity and for taking part in your big day. This is a project big enough that you should be too distracted to be sad for a while.

Focus on Your Marriage

Too often, newly married couples forget that just because the wedding is over their life is not boring. They’re married now! Now you get to focus on your marriage so that you can ensure it lasts a lifetime. That is, after all, why you got married in the first place. There is no reason to feel sad that your wedding is over when you have your entire marriage ahead of you.

Think About the Future

Now that you’re married, you can focus on the future. You can make plans for the house you want to build, you can think about where you want to settle, you can think about babies. Being married means you get to take a step further into the future, planning your family and making roots.


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