Dealing With Nosy Friends and CoWorkers Effectively

Everyone has a nosy friend, or a nosy neighbor or a nosy someone or other who makes you just a little bit crazy. Let’s face it; some people are just nosy. They want to know what’s going on, what the problem is and every little detail in your life. Think about it, have you ever posted how aggravated you are on Facebook or Twitter and received a sudden text message or email or private message from someone asking what’s wrong and if you want to talk about it? You were merely aggravated because your DVR died the last five minutes of Vampire Diaries and you missed the end, but she’s wondering if your marriage is okay or if you’re having financial troubles. She’s nosy, and you can deal with her.

Laugh It Off

If something simply isn’t her business, just remind her of that in a friendly manner. For example, if she’s dying to know what you meant when you said that you love life (Did you get a raise? Buy a new house? Win the lottery? Get pregnant?) tell her that you have no complaints and that you love life. You have entirely too many reasons to list. The more you laugh off her nosiness, the more likely she is to get the hint.

Don’t Comment

If your nosy friend is constantly sending you inquiries about what’s going on in your life, why you pinned that pin about staying strong in hard times or whatever, just ignore her. Don’t give into her nosy behavior with a comment.

Tell Her Straight Up

When someone is just plain nosy (Hey, I saw you forgo that wine at dinner, are you pregnant?) tell her that it’s none of her business. If you were pregnant, you’d like to make that announcement on your own and not because she’s asking.


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