What is a Dadbod and Why Do Women Love It?


In a society where so much emphasis is placed on physical appearance, especially when it comes to new moms, it’s about time someone said something about the dadbod. Moms everywhere are criticized no matter how they do it. New moms who are still carrying around a bit of baby weight 6 months after baby was born are criticized for being lazy and not taking care of their bodies during and after their pregnancies. Women who lose the baby weight in the first week are criticized for not taking care of their bodies while pregnant and being ‘gross’ and ‘unhealthy,’ even though I can personally attest to the fact that it just happens to some people. It’s no one else’s business what we all look like, but people need something to talk about; and they never seem to talk about dad’s and their bodies. Until now, that is. Dads are making headlines over their bodies right now and it’s not exactly for the reasons that you might expect.

In fact, the dadbod is trending so hard right now that this morning no one knew what it meant and this afternoon everyone knows what it means and dad’s everywhere are feeling their sexy come back. The dadbod is described as imperfect, and people seem to love that. While it’s not cool for a new mom to carry a bit of extra weight, having a beer belly and some extra flab hanging around the middle is perfectly acceptable for dads everywhere. It’s a little bit crazy, right? What kind of double standard does this precedent set that men can wander around looking less than perfect but let a woman do it and she’s unattractive?

Listen, we’re all about confidence over here; if you’ve got confidence, rock it all day long. But the dadbod is just something that’s on a whole new level for us. Find out why women everywhere are in love with the dadbod and all that it implies, and then let us know how you feel about the dadbod (I, personally, prefer my husband, a man who takes care of himself).

So what exactly does the Dadbod mean????  Find out!


The Dadbod Means Comfort

What women seem to love most about the dadbod is the fact that it means comfort to them. A man with a dadbod comes across as a man who simply wants to chill out at home, relax with a pizza, a bottle of wine and probably a box of thin mints that no one can pass up during Girl Scout cookie season (and if they’re frozen, that’s even better). Women love the dadbod because it seems comfortable to them – like coming home at the end of the day to a warm, cozy bed and a happy husband.

Less Pressure on Women

When your man isn’t looking his absolute finest, you probably feel you don’t have to extend the same courtesy. For example, have you ever noticed that so many couples get married looking amazing and then get fat and happy and let themselves go over the years? It seems to happen more and more often, and it’s probably because dadbod stops working out and starts drinking more beer (football season, check. DIY projects in the garage, check. Baseball season, check. Basketball season, check) and doesn’t put forth the effort anymore. Hey, he’s married to you now, so he doesn’t have to impress you anymore, right?

For women, this means that they can have the same relaxed feeling about life. Skip the gym for a wine tasting; sounds like a great plan. Don’t want to go work out because there’s a new Scandal on and you want to prep yourself with a few glasses of wine and bowl-full of buttery popcorn Olivia Pope-style? Girl, you go for it. When the husband isn’t trying to impress his wife anymore, she’s not going to try to impress him in return.

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Better at intimacy?

There’s a huge rumor going around that dadbods are much better in the bedroom than fit and gorgeous-bodied men. The general consensus according to women is that the dadbod is totally confident in his skin and that men who have killer bodies are insecure and totally into themselves, meaning they’re not focused on the things they need to focus to make others happy. So, the moral of the story is that the dadbod is a better bedroom buddy than the non-dadbod. Interesting theory, don’t you think?

They can Cook

Here’s one I’m going to present two sides to; dadbod might not be a fit and trim kind of guy, but I don’t think that necessarily means he can cook. I think it might mean he can dial or stop for wings or a Big Mac on the way home. Some women, however, think that dadbod screams, “I can cook, I love to cook and you can just sit your pretty little behind right on down and check out what’s up on Instagram with a glass of vino while I’ll do all the work,” and the best ones even add, “And I’ll even clean up after myself, as well,” to make perfection a reality. I guess it could go either way, but women are loving it regardless.

They Aren’t Always at the Gym

What’s better than a fit, sexy man? How about one who isn’t so fit and sexy, but who is home all the time because he’s not lifting weights for hours at a time while you’re home with the kids making dinner and cleaning up dirty diapers? Or reading books or working or do whatever if you don’t have kids or yours aren’t in dirty diapers? This is, quite apparently, a huge turn-on for the ladies.

The Confidence Level is Amazing

Men who aren’t obsessed with their bodies are confident and sexy, according to women. These are not men lacking in any department if you ask women what is so appealing about the dadbod. The dadbod says to women, “I’m so sexy and confident and awesome that I don’t have to work out to make me look like that. I’m just that good the way I am,” and we are eating it right up.

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