Cute Husband Habits That Sometimes Make You Crazy

If husband’s were smarter, they’d write their own wedding vows and incorporate things like, “I swear to love you forever even though I snore louder than a train and I will protect your life with my own unless there is a big hairy spider in the house, in which case it’s every man and woman for himself.” This way you can’t hold his annoying habits against him for the rest of your lives together (after all, you’re not really going to say, “I don’t,” in front of all your loved ones because he’s afraid of a little spider, right?). Every husband has a few little habits that wives love to hate; you are not alone. Go ahead and make yourself feel a little better about your own husband’s annoying habits by reading a few common ones other wives have to put up with.

Bedtime Bungle

I hear this all the time from my girlfriends – and witness it with my own adorably (and sometimes) annoying husband. It’s 3 minutes before bedtime and suddenly the kids are running through the house screeching with excitement because daddy is chasing them around with monster fingers and screaming that he’s going to catch them and tickle them. My kids love it – and I’m sure everyone else’s kids love it, too – and I find it annoying. They need to go to sleep. Mommy had a long day home with them while daddy was off not having to wipe anyone’s rear-end at work and all I want is peace and quiet for the first time since their big blue eyes opened (at 5:30 am…because they want me to be miserable). It’s very sweet and they’ll remember these times with their daddy forever, but that doesn’t make it less annoying.

Sound Effects

How many husbands make sound effects as often as they breathe? I hear women complain all the time that their husband’s snore, breathe too loudly (mine), chew loudly, cough too loudly or even laugh too loudly. Of course, it’s not a big deal but that doesn’t make it ideal when you’re trying to sleep and your husband sighs loudly with happiness every time his head hits the pillow.

I Hear You, I Hear You (Kidding, He Does Not Hear You)

Scenario: I tell my husband I’ll be getting a pedicure and having brunch with a girlfriend in a few weeks before we all leave on a beach vacation. He nods and comments that it sounds like fun. A mere 20 minutes later I tell him I have a busy day planned tomorrow and he smiles with an annoying amount of satisfaction and says, “I know. But at least a pedicure at the spa and brunch is the fun kind of busy.” Do husbands get points for half-hearing what you say? I’ll admit, he looked so proud of himself that I almost didn’t correct him…but I like being right.


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