The Crazy Things Women Do That Drive Men Crazy

Adjusting himself in front of you, wearing wrinkly clothes, leaving his dirty clothes on the floor or over-stuffing the dishwasher when he does do dishes are probably just a few of the things your husband does that drive you crazy. You give him a hard time, you talk to your friends about it, you fume that he’s never going to stop making you crazy. Guess what? A lot of what you do makes him crazy, too. In fact, it makes him downright cringe.

Asking For His Input and Promptly Ignoring it

If you don’t want to hear what he has to say about your idea to redecorate the living room, don’t ask. Men hate when women ask for opinions, input and advice and then promptly ignore everything he just said so they can do exactly what they want anyway. It makes men crazy.

Being Too Forward with Your Friends

Maybe women don’t see it as an issue, but men are not huge fans of hearing their wives tell their girlfriends personal and sometimes embarrassing stories about them. Your girlfriends might offer advice or just giggle while comparing embarrassing husband stories, but men think it’s a little crazy and they really don’t care when you do this.

Waiting on Him

Sometimes men just want you to make the first move, whether it’s a personal one or just a final decision about what to do and where to go on date night. It makes them crazy always being the first one to initiate anything and everything in life.

Your Ability to Hang Onto Anger

So he did something stupid six years ago. He’s apologized and you’ve moved on. At least, he has. You still bring it up every single time you have an argument and he cannot understand why you simply cannot let go of the past. He finds your ability to hang onto anger completely crazy.


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