Crazy Reasons Unhappy Couples Stay Together

Almost everyone knows one of these couples; the ones that seem to hate one another yet they continue their relationship, completely baffling you. We all know them. Just when you think they cannot stand each other anymore, this couple decides to get married. Just when you think that they need to divorce and move as far from one another as possible, they announce they’re having a baby. Just when you think that they’re going to kill each other in the middle of the night, they have another baby. The cycle continues and you cannot figure it out. Well, they’re probably together for one of these very unhealthy reasons.

They’re Too Comfortable

They’ve built a life together and they’re just too comfortable to let it go. She might be too comfortable with him home to help take care of the baby to want to be a single mom and he might be too comfortable with the fact that his laundry is always done and he never has to cook. Really, it’s a valid reason why so many couples stay together. It’s stupid, but it’s a reason.

They Don’t Want to Be Alone

Sometimes, people are so scared of being alone that they’d rather be miserable. The idea of making it on their own, of being in the dating world again, or of making such a big life change is just too scary and so couples opt to stay together despite their misery.


This one should come as no surprise to anyone. Some couples stay together simply because they cannot afford not to. Without both incomes, they cannot afford to live. They reason that staying together is the only way to afford a home, cars, kids, and all the like, so they just stay together because it’s cheaper than it is to split.


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