The Correct Formula To Follow When Writing A Thank You Note

You know that you are supposed to write thank you notes but do you know when?  And did you know that there is a certain way that a thank you note should be written?

Thank you notes should be written when you receive a gift for any type of shower, a wedding gift, a birthday gift, a gift for a new baby, for any gesture of sympathy and any other holiday.  This is even more important to follow if you were not able to thank the person when you received the gift.  There are other times you can write a thank you note such as when you receive a delivery of flowers or balloons from someone or when a person has done something particularly kind for you.  If you are in doubt, it is always better to send a thank you note when it wasn’t necessary than to not send one and offend the person who gave you the gift.

When you write a thank you note, you should always take the time to address it to the recipient.  This lets them know you aren’t just writing uniform notes to everyone.  Say thank you for the specific item.  Saying “thank you for the gift” is not acknowledging that they took the time to choose something special for you.  If possible, state how the gift will be used such as saying that you will place the picture frame in your bedroom where you will enjoy it daily or a comparable statement.  If possible, throw in a bit of personality with a touch of humor or express your fondness for the one that gave the gift.  Thank them one more time before you close the note and sign it.

A thank you note should always be written out by hand.  Sending a thank you note is becoming a lost art but that doesn’t mean that it is a social grace that should fall by the wayside.

Image Credit: Social Moms 


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