Coping With Change

Change. Yuck. Not everyone likes change. Daylight savings time for one, is a change that I am not on board with – longer days mean shorter nights for my sleeping babies. Change isn’t for everyone, though some deal with it better than others. Small changes are no big deal to some, while big changes are terrifying. Some people don’t like small changes disrupting their daily life, but big changes are something they look forward to. Whatever your opinion of change, learn to accept it with ease and understand that it is usually for the best.

Do Something

If you are dreaming of change in your life, make it happen. Don’t be afraid of it. If you’re imagining change, it’s because you need it or want it, and therefore you should make it happen. For example, if you are dreaming of a career change that you think would make you happier, make it happen. Sitting around and dreaming of change doesn’t make you happy; doing it makes you happy.

Don’t Do Anything

When change occurs in your life, sometimes the best thing you can do is to do nothing at all. Reflection, journaling or even simple meditation can help you cope with whatever changes are coming your way when they come. By not doing anything at first, you can come to terms with your feelings on the subject, accept them and learn to work with them.

Be Brave

There is no such thing as perfect timing. If you wait for everything in life to work out the way you imagined it would on your mental calendar, you might miss a great opportunity for change. For example, if you want to wait to have a baby until you sell your house and buy a new one, you might not get to have a baby anytime soon. What if your house sits on the market for years? Why put of making changes in your life because things aren’t perfect? That time will never happen, and when you look back at changes you made during imperfect times, you may suddenly see what that imperfect time was so perfect after all.


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