Comparison is Not an Attractive Habit

Comparison, as you may already know, is said to be the thief of joy. Why then, knowing this so well, do people constantly use comparison in life? It’s not fun, it’s horrible. It sucks the happiness right out of your life. So many people spend so much time using comparison in terms of appearances, finances, happiness and even material objects. Here’s an idea; instead of comparing yourself to others, why not be happy for them and happy for yourself, despite your differences? Here are three things you need to know about comparison.

Comparison is Not Accurate

Perhaps you want to compare yourself to your office mate because she obviously makes more money than you. She’s the one driving a luxury vehicle, living in the most prestigious neighborhood in the city and wearing a different pair of Louboutins every day. Here’s the thing; you’re comparing your entire life to only a fraction of hers. You don’t know what her life is like behind the scenes. She might be a wonderful, amazing woman who just happens to have it all together in a happy little box. Or, she might be miserable. She might be lonely, or unable to have children, or maybe she grew up bouncing back and forth between foster homes. The point is – you shouldn’t use comparison because you don’t always know the entire story.

Comparison is Pointless

How is comparing your car to someone else’s going to change the fact that you like his better than yours? How is comparing the square footage of someone else’s home going to change the fact that it’s bigger than yours? It’s not, so why bother with it? Comparison doesn’t change anything.

Comparison Can be a Motivator

When you use comparison in a productive manner, you can make it a motivator. For example, instead of being insecure and envious of the comparison’s you’re making, use them to your advantage. Say to yourself, “I think my office mate has it going on; I’m going to work hard to get to the same level as her.” In that case, comparison can be motivating and productive.


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