Common Sense People Tend to Forget

Have you noticed that in the last few years common sense doesn’t seem as common anymore? Have you noticed that people seem to say something negative about something yet do the same thing later that day without even realizing they’re doing it? The problem is that too many people are focused on too many other people and they’re not focused on themselves and the things they need to keep in mind. Here are three pieces of advice that should be common sense; but aren’t (at least right now).

Life Isn’t Perfect

No one is perfect. No one’s children are perfect (I mean, we all think our children are perfect, but that’s not the point I’m making). We all have problems and we all have stress and we all have days we wish never happened and we all wish our kids were just a little better-behaved. It’s life. However, at some point we seem to have forgotten that perfection doesn’t exist. We are all sinners and saints and right and wrong and kind and unkind and intelligent and stupid and we all have imperfections, including an occasional lack of sense. Never let anyone make you feel inadequate about yourself with their perfectionism – no one’s life is perfect.

You Do Have Drama

Something that makes me laugh every single time I hear it is the phrase, “I don’t do drama,”. You know why? Because the only people who use that phrase are the people with a ton of drama in their lives; however, I’m not talking about drama involving sick children, job loss, difficulties or familial issues. I’m talking about drama. If you have to say that you don’t do drama or that you don’t cause drama or that you don’t like drama in your life; you are probably one of the people looking for drama and thriving on drama. If you have to remind people that you don’t start drama, you probably do.

The Other Shoe

I have an innate ability to put myself in someone else’s shoes every single time. It’s annoying. I wish I didn’t have this immediate response all the time. Sometimes I wish I could just get mad at someone and not care how they feel because I’m so angry, because I want to vent and I want to feel justified in my anger. However, I can always see it from someone else’s point of view. And usually, everyone is right and everyone is wrong. However, for this reason, it always amazes me when people behave in a way that is clearly hurtful and they cannot understand why their actions hurt others – simply because they don’t take the time to consider how others might be feeling.


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