What the Color of Your Car Tells People About You

 (Photo by Jonathan Fickies/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Fickies/Getty Images)

We all need a little mindless fun in life, which is why we find things such as what the color of our car says about our personalities and lives so interesting. It’s a bit of fun in an otherwise stressful, busy and overloaded life. Now that we have your attention (I mean, really, what does the color of your car have to say about you when most people usually just buy a vehicle based on price and options rather than color?) what does the color of your car have to say about you? If you drive one of the most popular color cars on the road, here’s what people may or may not think about you.


If you’re the driver of a white vehicle, it tells the world you are young, hip and innovative. Think Apple; they’re products are typically white because they’re looking to portray the same impression. Additionally, other drivers will perceive you as more trustworthy and perhaps even a better driver. I like driving white vehicles; they only look dirty up close.


You’re sophisticated and chic. It’s the most popular color of luxury vehicles and it represents a very elegant impression. Having just gotten rid of a black sedan, I’m going to say that I never once felt this way about the color of my car; I felt like the mom driving around the dirtiest car on the planet at all times because black looks dirty about three seconds after you wash it and there’s nothing you can do about it.


Red is associated with flash and speed. It’s also associated with a mid-life crisis when it comes in the form of a small sports car with a convertible top. Trust me, when my husband came home with a fire-engine red convertible with two seats a year and a half ago, everyone asked him if he was going through a mid-life crisis; he was 30. I certainly hope that wasn’t his midlife. It also says power, ambition and gives the impression that you know exactly what you want – this is far better than mid-life crisis, don’t you think?


You’re elegant and upscale. You’re also the kind of person who enjoys flash and financial security. The color silver on a vehicle tends to represent to the world that you’re just a little better than everyone else and you’re not afraid to show that off.


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