College: Why It Might Not be the Best Choice for Everyone

College is not right for everyone (and someone’s mother is going to hate me for this). In fact, some people are just more attuned to trade school or entrepreneurship. However, this is not to say that college isn’t something you should forget about; but if you’ve been thinking that it’s not right for you right now, you might be right. Some students just need a semester to travel or work or do something else. What I’m trying to say is this; if you go to college before you are ready to go to college, your grades, performance and finances might suffer. Here are three horrible reasons to go to college.

Your Boyfriend is Going

Good for him. However, if you aren’t set on college just yet because you’d like to backpack through Europe for a semester, do it. You won’t have many opportunities to do so. If you enroll in college right now because your boyfriend is going and you can’t be away from him, you might regret it. This regret can translate into your grades, which could negatively affect your transcripts in the future. If you dream of college in the spring and eventually med school, fall semester of poor grades from a lack of concentration might mean bad things.

It’s Expected of You

If your life’s goal is to get your real estate license and work your butt off to become one of the leading agent’s in the company instead of going to college, then do it. You can always go back to college later but you shouldn’t give up on your dreams because of someone else’s expectations.


If you think you might regret going to college, you might be right. However, if your gut instinct is to take that internship for a semester so you can gain invaluable work experience that will help you further your dream career, do it. You can go to school the next semester.

A college education is a great thing to have. However, starting right away is not for everyone. Don’t let anyone guilt you into chasing your dreams before your degree. That said; you need to weigh your options carefully. A college degree opens more doors than anything else, and your financial future and happiness depend on opportunity.


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