Are You A Clingy Girlfriend? Find Out Why You Should Change That ASAP

Are you a clingy girlfriend?  If you are, this does not bode well for your relationship.  Being a clingy girlfriend is a great way to get an otherwise wonderful relationship thrown away quickly.  Men do not like clingy women.  They like to be the one that chases you and when you don’t allow them that privilege, you have taken a lot of the fun of the relationship away from them.  Getting you to agree to a date, a relationship and even a marriage are events that allow him to feel like he has made a great conquest.

Don’t call him twenty times a day.  Don’t send texts every hour.  If you need to tell him something, it is okay to make an occasional call or text.  But leave this ball in his court and see how much better things play out for you.

We women often don’t understand why being clingy is such a bad thing.  After all, we would love knowing that we are on his mind 24/7.  That is a girl’s dream come true. Men aren’t wired the same way.  There are several reasons they do not enjoy a clingy girlfriend.  One is the chase, which has already been mentioned.  Secondly, they don’t like to feel like anyone has them on a chain and when you are blowing up his phone that is the feeling you are giving him.  Another reason is that they are embarrassed if you are constantly trying to contact them.  There is nothing worse for a man than being out with his buddies and their phone ringing 5 times with you asking them where they are and when they will arrive to pick you up.    Lastly, they feel you are trying to tie them into a relationship they are not ready for when you chase them and that is not attractive to any man.

Let him know you care about him but give him the space he needs to miss you.

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