Choosing Music for Every Mood

Last month my husband told me he wanted to purchase a sports car. A few months shy of 30, with two daughters who are almost four and one-year-old, most people were shocked that I didn’t even raise my eyebrow at his request. In fact, I embraced it. A few days later we went out and came home with a candy-apple red convertible with two seats. What a decadent and amazingly fun treat. Since there’s no back seat we can’t take the girls out in it, but we take it out for date night and I run errands in it sometimes. To be completely honest, it has become one of my favorite ways to relax and put myself in a good mood. With the top down on a gorgeous day, the feeling of power I have when I shift gears and my iPod connected in the console I find that it is impossible not to be in a good mood. What really puts me in a good mood is when a great song comes on.

Studies show that music has a way of changing your emotions in a moment’s time. It can invoke a long ago memory when you hear a song that reminds you of a particular time in your life. It can make you tear up when you hear a song that makes you think of a loved one or your child and it can make you feel instantly happy when you hear something upbeat and positive. The next time you want to change your mood in an instant, turn on some music. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right song for your desired mood.


When you feel stressed or down, choose a song that picks you up. I always go for one of two songs. The song “Bartender” by T-Pain makes me feel like I am back in Hawaii, driving our rental convertible around the island with my husband. We heard that song every time we turned on the radio on that trip and every time I hear it now, it makes me smile remembering the amazing, magical time we spent together in Hawaii. Additionally, the song “Lost In This Moment” by Big and Rich always makes me smile because my husband sings it to me every time we hear it. When I hear it by myself I see his gorgeous blue eyes and his sexy smile as he sings it to me along with the radio and I cannot help but feel great.


When I want to relax I like to hear a little classical music or something soft. I love to hear Norah Jones, Beethoven and Frank Sinatra. There’s something about all of those that makes me feel like I live in a different time; a less stressful, happier, more elegant time. Etta James is another favorite of mine.


When I’m feeling silly or my daughters are in the car with me we like to listen to a little Taylor Swift, some Backstreet Boys or N’Sync. Old school Britney Spears always makes me smile because it reminds me of my late teens and the fun I had.


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