Choosing Kindness in Your Life and Relationships

Kindness is something we often take for granted. We assume that we are kind simply because we don’t snap at our husbands or our friends or we don’t treat them poorly or ignore them. However, that’s exactly what many of us do on a regular basis. Some of us forget to treat our husbands with kindness, some of us forget to treat our wives with kindness and some of us forget to treat our kids, family, friends and even coworkers with kindness. Here are three simple ways to choose to behave kindly no matter how distracted, busy or grumpy we might be.


When your kids or spouse walk through the front door, take the time to smile with excitement and greet them as you would a guest. A simple nod from the kitchen or glance upward from where you’re working or, “Hey,” as they pass by is not good enough. Your loved ones should be treated with just as much kindness as anyone else you would welcome into your home with open arms. All it takes to make them feel good and loved is an excited smile and a genuine greeting.

Be Thoughtful

Perhaps you might offer to make a houseguest a cup of tea or coffee. Why not do the same for your husband when he gets out of the shower in the morning or comes home in the evening? It’s a small gesture, but it’s a good one. Something thoughtful like this is going to show him that you love him, care for him and think of him often. It’s not difficult, but it might take some practice to remember to be thoughtful more often.

Be Gracious

One of the easiest ways to choose kindness over anything else is to practice being gracious. When you take the time to be gracious to your loved ones – or strangers – you are taking the time to choose to be kind and treat others kindly. It says a lot about you and the kind of character you have.


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