Causes of Tension and Stress in Young Children

Tension and stress simply are not words you use to describe your child. However, you might be missing something vital by not noticing the fact that your child’s tension and stress levels might be raised. If your child has been behaving like less than a perfect angel as of late, chances are good that she might be tense or stressed. When she feels this way, she’s more likely to misbehave and display other emotional and physical issues thanks to the lack of help she’s getting lowering tension and stress levels.

Too Much Stimulation

It might seem like good parenting to ensure that your child is busy, busy, busy. Softball, cheerleading, piano lessons, ballet, ballroom, tap, and volleyball are all fun activities, but she really needs to have some free time just to be a child. It’s not always good to have your kids stimulated at all times. Tension and stress are caused by too much to do.

Too Many Breaks

When you have a good routine, everything is good. When you break that routine to go on vacation or some other enjoyable thing, it’s all good. When you constantly break your regular routine in favor of staying out later this night, skipping this the next night, and adding that the night after, you’re in for a bout of stress and tension in your child. It’s okay to break the routine on occasion; just not too much.


It might seem like an obvious thought, but the more your child is frustrated, the more tension and stress she will feel. Frustration happens. It’s part of life. You cannot get rid of frustration, but you can minimize it in your child’s life. The less frustrated she feels, the less of a chance she has of suffering from stress and tension in her life.


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