Work Your Way to the Top By Getting Noticed at the Office

You want to work your way to the top. You see yourself as the corner office, personal secretary, everyone wants to be you type but as of this moment all you are doing is getting the coffee, scheduling OBGYN appointments for your boss and doing pretty much what any 12-year-old with a half a brain could do. If you’re the office nobody and want to be the office everybody, you better start working on getting noticed.

Keep Up To Date

Know everything about everything that has to do with your company. If you find yourself making small talk with the CEO in the elevator and he has no idea who you are, impress him with your questions about his new endeavor or comments about the bottom line this quarter. You want to be noticed and move up at work? Make sure you know all there is to know.

Know Your Competition

The worst thing you can do in the business world is not know who your competition is. You need to know everything possible about the other companies in town that compete with yours just as much as you need to know all you can about the other women and men in the office who want to move into the job you want as much as you do. Knowing your competition can make it easier to out work them.


One of the best ways to get noticed in a corporation is to volunteer your services doing major tasks around the office. Even if you are volunteering to be the new head of planning the annual company picnic that everyone hates attending but has to regardless, do it with vigor and excitement – and make it the best damn company picnic that anyone at your company has ever been forced to attend, and you might just get noticed.


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