When to Stay Home From Work

It’s that time of year again…well, it’s that time of year again for many times, but it’s that time of year again for being sick. Everyone has everything and no one can get rid of whatever it is that they have. Why can’t people just stay home when they aren’t feeling good? It’s a good question, especially considering you’ve probably gone to work once or twice without feeling so good, which makes you guilty of getting others sick. Here’s the deal, you might have a lot to do, but you’re not doing anyone any favors by showing up to work with these symptoms.

You Have a Leaky Nose

When your body is leaking fluids, you are spreading germs. Stay home if you have a runny nose or you are coughing up mucus. This is a great way to get everyone else sick, and be that person you cannot stand who comes to work sick, infecting everyone else.

You Have Red Eyes that are also Crusty

If your eyes are red, swollen, crusty or have anything leaking out of them other than tears of sadness or joy; stay home. This could be indicative of the disastrous and irritating pink eye, which is not something you want to spread. The second you rub your eye and then touch a doorknob, computer keyboard, or faucet in the bathroom, you just gave pink eye to anyone else who touches the same things.

You Have Achy Joints

This may not seem like such a big deal, but it is. When you have the flu, your body produces chemicals that create achy joints. If your body isn’t up to par, neither are you. You need to stay home and rest so that your body function will get back to normal, and so you do not go around spreading germs.


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