What’s Your Career Type? (Infographic)


There is a very small percentage of people out there who are doing exactly what they had envisioned career-wise.   In fact, so much so they they had a plan, went to college to study that passion, pursued it, and are gainfully employed doing exactly what they had set out to do.  They knew because of their personality type and their interests what career they’d gravitate to and where they would flourish.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, we don’t have that kind of luck.  Often times, going into college, or any secondary school, we still had no clue what we wanted to do and what our personalities were best suited for.   And frankly, it’s probably something that will evolve throughout our lifetimes.  But if you’re having trouble still figuring it all out, a new infographic from Truity matches up your personality with a few different career paths.

As you looks at this you may see a bit of yourself in each career type just as I do.  It feels good to be well-rounded and when you’re looking for a career try your best to do something that makes you happy.  It’s not the easiest thing in the world but it’s certainly the most ideal.

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