Valid Reasons to Leave Your Job Now


The decision to leave your job is a big one, even if you’re desperately unhappy or you’ve been offered a better position elsewhere. Your job, no matter how much you love or hate it, becomes a lot like your family. It’s a part of your life that’s familiar and routine, and leaving is sometimes scary. However, there comes a point in your life when leaving your job might be the only answer to your issues. If you’re worried that it’s not the right decision, however, consider these very valid reasons for leaving your job.

You’re Stuck in Neutral

If your job isn’t offering any advancement opportunities and you’re stuck where you are for the duration of your career, you’re not going to be happy there. If there’s no room for advancement, it’s a valid reason to leave. Even if you love your job, your company and your coworkers, settling for less than you deserve is never a good idea. Don’t let a great job experience hold you back from advancing your career in another area.

You Want to Stay Home

It’s a difficult decision to leave your job to stay home and raise your children, but it’s a very valid reason. You know where your heart lies, and you should follow it. Do not allow other men or women to make you feel guilty or any less important than you are for making the decision to stay home with your children. Being a mom is the most important job you’ll ever have, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

You Want a New Career

Maybe you went to school to become an accountant and now you hate it; don’t feel bad. Many of us realize at some point in our lives that we’re doing a job we don’t love anymore and we want a change. It’s a valid reason to leave because change is good; and so is happiness. I left my desk job six years ago to stay home with my almost-born-baby and a year later I finally decided to go forward trying to begin the career I’ve always wanted. Finance was no longer of any interest to me; I’d always wanted to write. Fast forward five  years and I’m a work-from-home mom of four with a career that satisfies me and allows me the freedom to create my own schedule so that my kids always come first.

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