Transitioning Back to Work after Years at Home


Being home with her kids is something many moms want to do when they become parents. They want to be there for all the firsts and the milestones, they want to be there to spend time with their kids before the baby grows up and no longer wants or needs that kind of time with mom. It’s great being home with the kids, but it’s not something that can and will last forever for all moms. For some, it’s something that only lasts for a few years until the kids go back to school and it’s time to go back to work. For others, it’s something that loses its novelty after a while. Either way, the transition back to the workforce after years of being home can be stressful on a parent. Things change so quickly and so rapidly that it’s not uncommon to go back into the workforce and find yourself lost and behind, to notice how young everyone suddenly seems and to leave your baby behind day after day. We have some tips that might help to make the transition a bit smoother.

Find Child Care you Love

This is not something you can take lightly. Your kids are not with you anymore, and that means you have to find someone to keep them that you trust with absolute certainty. If you are the slightest bit uncomfortable, it will make the transition even more difficult. Take your time and find someone or a location that works for you and your kids, and that makes everyone happy.

Have No Expectations

The worst thing you can do is go back to the office and expect that you will pick up where you left off. You will not. It’s been years and things are vastly different now than they were when you left. You have to be as current as possible with everything from technology to social media to work appropriate clothing, and this will be different than you expect even if you think you expect correctly.

Be Patient

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn. Do your homework. Be careful with your time at work. Make the most of your time at work and your time at home. Leave work at the office so you can focus on the kids. Be present at work and not dreaming about your kids. You have to be so many people at one time, but try to be the best of each as often as possible. You will get it; you will catch on and learn eventually, just be patient.

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