Tips to Make Your Next Job Interview More Successful

Whether you are a recent graduate looking for your first job, looking for a new career path or simply working your way up the corporate ladder, there are a few things you need to know. You already know that you need an impressive resume, the ability to talk yourself up and the confidence to take a chance in applying for a position that terrifies you. What you don’t know, however, is that it’s not all about your stellar resume, education and past experience; it’s about how well you interview.

Be Savvy

Your resume, education and experience might get you in the door but these days just about everyone has the same thing so you have to ensure that you stand out in the crowd during your interview. The key is to be savvy during your interview. You know you need to research the company interviewing you and you need to be passionate about yourself and your abilities, but you need to do it in a savvy way. Showing too much excitement and an almost-obsessive knowledge can make you seem desperate or even star-struck. You want to appear passionate and knowledgeable, which you can do by appearing confident but reserved.

The Big Cleanse

Before you even head out to submit your resume or go to any interview, remember that your potential new employer is going to look you up. Get on your social media feeds and start cleaning. Give yourself a few days or even a week if necessary. Get rid of those pictures of you in the bathroom mirror, the ones where you’re holding a cocktail in your bikini and all pictures of shots, your liquor cabinet and any complaints you posted about your current boss or job. It doesn’t impress the interviewers.


Experts agree that when it comes to job interviews, practice makes perfect. Try making yourself more comfortable talking to strangers by talking to one every single day. Practice your interview with friends and family and even in the mirror. You won’t sound rehearsed in your interview, but you will sound more confident.


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