Tips to Prevent Social Media Usage from Costing You Your Job

Everyone knows that spending too much time on social media websites, posting inappropriate photos and using horrible language on social media can have a negative effect on your job. However, there are other things you’re doing on social media websites that you might not be aware could actually cost you your job; as in, get you fired. Here are three things you need to consider right now.

Your Company Policy

It’s a common social media mistake; you don’t know your job’s policy on what’s appropriate. Read the information carefully. Something as silly as a lunchtime post about what a good day you’re having could cost you your job if your company handbook states that social media usage is off-limits when you’re on the clock. If there isn’t an overview of social media policy in your office handbook, schedule a meeting with the HR department to check the policies.

Being Too Negative

Your boss wouldn’t approve of you walking around the office being overly negative all day long, would he? No. If you spend your free time being negative and down on social media websites all day long, it shows your boss a bit more of your character than you let on in the office and he might decide that your attitude isn’t worth bothering with in the office.

Accepting Your Boss’ Friend Request

It’s a catch 22, really. You don’t want to deny your boss and get on his bad side, but you don’t want to accept his friend request a half second after you receive it, either. You need to clean up your pages first. Delete anything inappropriate, immature or even remotely offensive. Make privacy changes that will enable you to view anything that people try to post on your page prior to it actually being posted, including pictures.

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