Tips on How To Get That Big Promotion at Work

Being promoted is a big deal, but it’s seeking that promotion that’s an even bigger deal. When you want to get that big promotion and work your way to the top, you have to do three simple things. Perhaps these three things seem a bit obvious or perhaps they don’t; it’s really all about perspective. However, if you’re looking for that big promotion, here’s how to get it.

Be Proud of Your Work

Don’t just do the work and get it done; do it with pride. When you’re proud of your work it shows. When it shows, others notice. Just be careful not to mistake egotistical behavior and an attitude of superiority for pride or you might not get that promotion because your bosses don’t think your head can handle more inflation.

Dress For It

If you want it, dress for it. When you look the part, it’s easier to imagine you in the part. When you take pride in your work and you dress the part of a much more powerful and important person, it’s going to take a lot for your higher-ups not to notice you. A no-nonsense woman with a sense of pride, accomplishment and confidence combined with a killer wardrobe designed to own the boardroom will actually make you look the part more than the part will make you look the part. When you do look the part, chances are that it makes your boss’ decision that much easier.

Maintain Dignity

Don’t claw, cheat or hurt others on your way to the top. Yes, it sometimes hurts when you get a promotion over someone else, but when you finally do reach the top you’ll feel much prouder and much more deserving knowing that you made it there without tearing others down on your way to the top.

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