Three Things to Leave Off Your Resume

With the New Year comes a number of people who make it their goal to find a better job; this means there will be a lot of resume updating. Before you start the search for a new job and a new you in the New Year, understand that what’s on your resume might not be as impressive as you think. In fact, some of the words you’re using to describe yourself or your experience might actually be turning off your potential employers. Here are three words to remove from your resume right now.

Team Player

Your employer automatically assumes that you work well with others. After all, you’ve made it this far in life. Your experience and past work history – as well as your references – speak more about your “team player” behavior than anything. Instead, try using phrases such as “collaborated” and “partner”. These words show your potential new employers that you have what it takes to be a team player without using this overused and tired phrase.


Of course you’re motivated. That’s why you’re applying for this position. Your future boss doesn’t want to hear that you’re motivated; he or she wants to see that you are motivated. Prove it by showing off your experience – it proves your motivation to want to move up the corporate ladder. Follow up after your interview with a thank you card for your interviewer that includes a concise and friendly note and it further proves your motivation.


Whether you are organized or you’re not organized doesn’t matter as long as you have the skills, experience and personality to do the job. If you’ve managed to hold down a job in the past and you graduated from college, you are probably organized. Even if you’re idea of organization isn’t exactly the same as your new boss’ idea, your work speaks louder than your desk’s appearance.

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