Three Reasons Your Boss Might Consider Letting You Work from Home

working at home

The thing about working from home is that it’s so much more productive than anything else you will ever do; trust me. In the 14 years since I began working my first job as a tax preparer and now as a writer, I’ve learned a few things. I worked 6 years in an office for someone else and 8 in my home office for myself. I get so much more done at home working than I ever did in an office. You see, I was paid to be there no matter what I was doing; so sometimes I planned vacations. Sometimes I shopped online. I wasted a lot of time there. Now that I work for me at home, I work nonstop. I’m working at 5 am, sometimes again at 8 pm and most all of my day so long as my kids don’t have something going on with their sports or school.

Working from home is actually really beneficial, even if you do not work for yourself. If the idea is one that interests you, go ahead and present it to your boss. But first, know how to go about presenting the idea the correct way. Try mentioning that working from home might mean the following for your boss.

More Productivity

When you are at home working, you want to get things done because you’re not getting paid if you are not doing the world. So, you tend to work harder, longer and more productively. You’re not being interrupted by coworkers wanting to discuss their gossip and personal lives, you’re not distracted by other things, and you are able to focus on the task at hand. Additionally, working from home means you typically take fewer sick days and fewer breaks.

Happier Employees

When you only commute to the office next door to your master bedroom and you can wear no pants to work, you’re just happier. Seriously, you’re a lot happier. It’s a nice feeling, and it’s one that your boss will reap benefits from as happier employees are better employees.

A Greener Workplace

If you’re not commuting to and from work, the environment is much happier. If your boss is into saving the planet, this might be a way to mention to him or her that you can help in one simple, but very effective manner.

If you are going to present an opportunity such as this one to your boss, it will help to go ahead and make sure that you’re a model employee. You’ll want to provide a business plan, allow your boss to know which hours you will be available, and ensure him or her that your work will not suffer without him or her over your shoulder all the time.

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