The Biggest Office Mistakes You Cannot Afford to Make

In this economy, you cannot afford to get a bad rap at work. However, no matter how great of an employee you are, you will sometimes face situations in which you make a mistake, you miss a deadline or you simply forget to do something that needed doing and your boss finds out. You’re not perfect, and you cannot avoid making mistakes forever. While you may miss a deadline or send the wrong email to the wrong client from time to time, there are three major office mistakes you can avoid at all times. It might just save you your job.


No matter how much you want to look at your coworkers and tell them that you saw your boss having a romantic dinner with a man that is not her husband, don’t do it; it is one of the biggest office mistakes you can make.  The fastest way to put your job in jeopardy is to gossip about your boss, because you never know which of your trusted coworkers is looking to climb the corporate ladder and your desk just so happens to be a few rungs above hers. Additionally, don’t gossip about your coworkers either. Office gossip is a no-no, no matter how juicy it is.


Do not allow your conflict with coworkers or clients to extend beyond the person with whom the conflict originated. For example, if you are having problems with a coworker because she dropped the ball on a big project you were working on together, talk to her about it directly. Do not discuss the situation with anyone but the offending party, or risk making one of the biggest office mistakes around.

Dial it Down

No matter how upset you are at the office, do not raise your voice. Firm it up all you want, but do not yell, cry or use profane language. It’s not doing anything for your reputation other than reminding everyone in sight that you are the employee with the big mouth and the bad temper.


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