How to Stay Motivated at Work after Taking a Lunch Break


Motivation seems to be at its highest in the mornings and not so much in the afternoons. There is just something about that afternoon period of time following your lunch break that makes you feel as if you have no energy and absolutely no motivation. It happens to the best of us, unfortunately. However, there are some ways we can stay motivated and make for a more productive day, even after the enjoyment and relaxation that comes from taking a leisurely lunch break at work.


Try to accomplish some of your more difficult tasks first thing in the morning. Getting them out of the way and leaving your smaller, simpler tasks for the afternoon will make you more productive and motivated. Why? Because the first small task you complete after lunch is going to make you feel more productive and motivated, setting the pace for the rest of the day.

Challenge Yourself

Set a goal and see if you can accomplish it by a certain time. Whether that time is the end of the work day or a mid-point in the afternoon, a goal after lunch can help you stay motivated even when you’d rather not be at your desk anymore for the rest of the day. Try something reasonably easy so that you aren’t overwhelmed.

Reward Yourself

One way to stay motivated is to reward yourself. Sometimes all it takes is the thought of stopping after work for cocktails with friends or going out to dinner with your husband to make you a bit more motivated. If you don’t get motivated and do what needs doing, you don’t get to enjoy your after work activity. You’d be surprised how motivated you feel with this in mind.

Stay Positive

It’s easy to feel negative returning to work after a nice lunch, but you can’t do that. You have to make the decision to maintain a positive attitude and outlook. It will help you feel much more motivated and able to tackle the day without any issues. Choose to be positive and your day will be much more productive.

Eat Healthy

Skip the heavy foods, the carbs and the unhealthy goodness you usually choose at lunch. Instead, opt for something healthy, filling and not too heavy. This will help you get some energy and feel motivated to have a good day at work. Eating an unhealthy lunch can make you feel down and bad about yourself, which is not good for productivity.

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