Five Types of People You Need to Keep Off the Internet

Social media certainly makes the world a more interesting place, that’s for sure. When I wake up in the mornings and my husband is in the shower and our little girls are still asleep, I drink my coffee and peruse my various social media pages on my smartphone. I never cease to find myself amazed, amused, and dumbfounded in the course of two minutes. What I’ve noticed is that there are several different types of people on the internet, but these five make me cringe the most. The problem is that if I’m cringing, imagine what potential employers, coworkers, and other professionals you are networking with think of you. Here’s how to make sure you aren’t one of those people on the internet that the rest of the world thinks is crazy, immature, and unprofessional.

The Attention Seeker Trying to Hide it

When you post a photo – or more – every single day of yourself in the bathroom mirror or from above yourself in the driver seat of your car, I think you’re probably looking for attention or you’re 13. Here’s the thing; it’s hard for the rest of the world to take you seriously when you’re constantly posting photos of yourself with captions such as, “Excited about the day!” beneath it, it really makes the rest of the world think you’re looking for compliments or attention. I wouldn’t hire you to work for me if you had a bunch of these, and I doubt anyone else finds it professional or even normal for anyone who is not a teenager.

The Perfect Mom

Ladies, we know your kids are beautiful, wonderful, and sweet, but we also know you’re a lying you-know-what when you say you don’t leave your kids with babysitters or have date night or that your kids never act up. We have kids; we know better.


OMG!!! She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about everything in life!!!!!!!!!!!!! So many exclamation points and hearts and happy faces…it’s weird. It’s great to be happy, but one exclamation point will do it. Too many and the rest of the world assumes you are a very unhappy person trying to convince yourself you are happy with a button on your computer. What do you think a client, your boss, or a coworker would think seeing stuff like this? They certainly wouldn’t find you professional.

The Complainer

Everything sucks. Life is horrible. I don’t deserve this. Poor me. Just stop; it’s not good.

The Over-Sharer

I don’t care how many times you fight with your husband, or how many times your ex pissed you off, don’t post about it. One woman I know lost her place on my friends list after one too many statuses regarding her fights with her boyfriend and finally a photo of his vehicle with a caption on it that stated how little he makes per hour, how much she makes per hour – which wasn’t as impressive as I think she believes it is – and how much she pays for him. It was too much. In fact, I had to remove her because I know people she works with and it was embarrassing to be associated with her.

The moral of this story is to watch what you post online. It’s okay to complain from time to time, to be a little overly excited, and to say what you want, but keep it to a minimum and keep most things off the internet. Really, your career might actually depend on it.


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