Signs You Are Working in a Dead End Job

Maybe you used to love your job but suddenly you find yourself dreading heading to the office each day. Perhaps you’ve worked your way so far up that you have nowhere else to go, or maybe you just find it difficult to love what you do anymore. Just because you spent a lot of time and money earning a degree, and working your way up the corporate ladder doesn’t mean that you should stick it out if you aren’t truly happy with your career. Sometimes, all the signs point to a dead end job, no matter how much you wish they didn’t.

You’re Tired Before You Even Get to Work

Okay, so sometimes you just stayed up too late with your favorite Real Housewives and a fabulous bottle of red, but if you feel tired before you even get to work on a regular basis, it’s probably a sign that you are working a dead end job. The ideal situation is to find something that excites you, makes you look forward to the day, and keeps your mind from wandering back to the couch and your favorite train wreck reality television. No job is a dead end job if you love what you do.

There’s Nowhere to Go

When you suddenly realize that spending the rest of your life with this company means holding onto the exact same job you have now without any potential for growth, you are working a dead end job. Sometimes you just go as far as you can and once you’re at the top, there’s nothing left for you. For example, if you’re an executive in a family business (that isn’t your family) you know that you’ll never be a president because four kids and three spouses are in line before you. It might be time to go.

There’s Nothing in it For You

When the job you’re doing is strictly for others and there is no benefit to you, it’s a dead end job. What this means is that you’re working solely for the pay check, but the job isn’t helping you advance your career, it isn’t a career in which you can advance, and it’s not allowing you to do what you want in life. Sometimes, it’s better to step outside your comfort zone and make a change; of course, with the economy the way it is, it’s probably a good idea to have a back-up plan before you tender your resignation.


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