Should You Cry At Work? Reasons To Wait Until You Get Home

We spend a lot of our lives on the job site so it only makes sense that at times, emotional things will happen to us at work or affect us while we are on the job making us feel like we could just sit and cry at work.  But is that a good idea, to cry at work?

I think we can all acknowledge that there are times when we won’t be able to avoid crying at work.  Sometimes you are simply overwhelmed or you get a call that is sharing bad news about a loved one.  If you cry at work because of something serious such as that situation, it is not as likely to be frowned upon and most people will react with compassion and understanding.  But for the most part, it is best to try to wait until you get home or at least get off somewhere to yourself before you release your emotions, especially if you are upset over something that is happening on the job.

Why should you try to avoid the urge to cry at work?  There are several reasons.  Your coworkers may lose respect for you.  They expect to see you in your professional element and sharing your personal feelings is frowned upon in some organizations and companies.

It can send a message to your bosses and the management above you that you cannot stay in control of your emotions and that your mind is not completely on the job.  This can be interpreted as a lack of focus and lack of professionalism.

Circumstances vary but the most important time to try not to cry at work is if you are having trouble with someone else in your office or department.  The other person could try to use this against you and make it look like you are allowing your feelings interfere with your ability to perform your duties on the job.

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