Seven Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss


If you are like most people, your job is your livelihood. You need the money from your paycheck to keep a room over your head, to pay your bills, to put food on the table, and to put clothes on your back. In order to keep your job, you need to keep your boss happy. A big part of doing this is by doing your job right and going to work every day. Another part of keeping your boss happy is saying the right thing and avoiding saying the wrong things. There are certain things that you should never say if you want to keep your boss happy and if you want to keep your job.

1. “I Partied So Hard Last Night”

If you go out often and have a few drinks, this is something that you don’t want your boss to know. Even if you are on a friendship level with your boss, your partying habits are something that you should keep to yourself. If you arrive at work 5 or 10 minutes late occasionally, your boss will start to wonder if the reason is that you were partying the night before. It is important that you always look professional at work and in front of your boss. Talking about how drunk you got at the bar the night before is not the best way to look professional.

2. “My Coworker is Stupid/Lazy/Wrong/Etc.”

It is important to never talk bad about your co-workers in front of your boss. Your boss looks at your entire group as a team. If you are constantly talking bad about your co-workers, it will show that you are not a team player. Also, if your boss sees you doing this, you will likely get passed up for a promotion if one becomes available. The job wouldn’t go to someone who can’t work well with the team. If you are getting blamed for something that a co-worker did, mention that that was not your project. There is no need to drop names, just inform your boss that the job was not your responsibility.

3. “I Need a Raise Because I Can’t Afford to Pay My Bills”

If you are going to ask for a raise, it should be due to your excellent performance or that you haven’t received a raise in quite a while. Even if you want a raise because money is tight, it is not something that you should tell your boss. The last thing that you want is for your boss to think that you are incapable of managing your money. If you cannot handle your own finances, your boss won’t trust you to take on more responsibilities that could lead to a promotion. Regardless of how hard you are struggling financially, it is not something that you should tell your boss.

4. “No”

One thing that you should never say to your boss is, “no”. If your boss is asking you to do something immoral or illegal, then that is the exception to the rule. Since this rarely happens, you should avoid using that word at all costs. If your boss asks you to take on an extra project, you should agree. If your boss knows that you can be counted on to pick up extra projects, to stay late, or to work on weekends, it will make your look better. If an opportunity for advancement ever comes up, your boss will be more likely to put your name in the running if you have never said no to extra work or working extra hours. If there is something that you absolutely cannot do, don’t tell your boss no. Just explain why you cannot do it, but don’t use the word no. It sounds very negative.

5. “I’m Bored”

You should never tell your boss that you are bored. It will only make it look as though you don’t like your job or that you aren’t working as hard as you should be. You may not be off the walls excited at work, but never tell your boss that you are bored. If your boss thinks that you’re bored, you might end up getting extra work added onto your load. If you tell your boss you are bored, you will likely be given more work to keep you busy. This might be the last thing that you need.

6. “I’m Looking For Another Job”

If you are unhappy at your current job, you should start looking for another one. What you should not do is tell your boss that you are currently looking for another job. If you do, you might be out of a job altogether. If your boss knows that you are looking for another job, they will start looking for someone to replace you. If they find the right candidate, you could be out of a job. There is nothing wrong with looking for a better, higher paying job, just keep it to yourself.

7. “ I Can’t Do It”

One thing a boss never wants to hear is that you cannot do something. If you are handed a project that you may not be able to handle, you should try. If you start the project and find that you are struggling, you can then tell your boss that you are having trouble. As long as you try, your boss will be happy. If you just say that you cannot do something without putting in the effort, it reflects poorly on you.

There are certain things that you can say in front of your boss and there are certain things that you can’t. If you avoid saying the things that you shouldn’t say, your relationship with your boss and your job standing will remain intact.

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