Resume Mistakes Not to Make When Looking For A New Job

resume mistake to avoid

For many, finding a new job is a necessity. For others, it’s something they’d like to do but are not in a big rush since they already have gainful employment and a good job. However, submitting a shoddy resume to a new company is a bad move for any hopeful employee; and sometimes the mistakes on your resume are a lot more basic than you might expect. Many assume that a good resume is a long one with a good education, a great list of experience and many accolades. However, sometimes the best resumes are the ones short on accomplishments but big on good grammar. If you’re in the market for a new job, check your resume now; these mistakes might just make the difference between being hired and between giving HR a good laugh before being discarded.

Spelling Mistakes

Honestly, it seems like common sense. It’s not. So many people make spelling mistakes they don’t even realize, likely due to their penchant for text message lingo and not proofreading. It takes a moment, and it’s the most important thing you will do.

A Silly Email Address

While you might get a lot of laughs from friends when you give them your email address you’ve had since high school, potential employers are not as easily amused when they see your email address listed as [email protected] on your resume. Keep it, by all means, for personal use; but create a more professional email address for work purposes.


Being captain of your high school debate team is admirable, and being prom king also seems like something that looks good to others. It shows leadership skills and popularity that speaks to the fact that people seem to really like you. However, if you’re 50 and still rocking that information on your resume, it tells potential employers you peaked at 18. Seriously; it does.

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