Getting Respect For Your Job When You Work From Home

Getting respect for your job when you work from home can be difficult.  People have a tendency to not give your job the respect it deserves when they know you work from home.  They sometimes picture you working in your pajamas while you eat potato chips and watch a movie. That is not reality when you work from home at all.  While many people feel like it isn’t really work when you work from home, that simply isn’t true.  Working from home is still working and you can help others respect your job when you do the following things.

The first step in getting others to respect your job when you work from home is to respect it yourself.  Treat your job like a job.  Refer to your work as work and let others know that you take your job seriously.  After all, if you don’t respect it, how can you expect others to do so?

Set regular work hours and do your best to stick to it.  One of the advantages to working from home is the flexibility that it offers but as much as you can, stick to regular work hours.  I do my best to not work on weekends and to complete the majority of my work between eight and three.  My friends and family have learned this and respect it.

Another way to help others respect your job when you work from home is to learn to say no to others when they want you to shove your work aside during your regular work hours.  There are times you may need to vary your schedule and while it is wonderful you can when you need to, for the majority of the time that should be the exception to the rule.

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