10 Recession Proof Jobs


There are at least 10 recession proof jobs for people who worry about losing their jobs. It’s a matter of which skills you decide to learn.



Just about everything related to healthcare and is, essentially, recession-proof. Those who have select skills as a nurse, physician, paramedic, etc., are often safe when it comes to keeping themselves employed.

Public Safety


Picture police officers, firefighters, and anyone who is set in place to keep the public secure and safe. These are recession-proof jobs since they’re needed to maintain safety and a sense of order.



Society doesn’t move forward without educating the next generation, and the next, and so on. If the generations to come aren’t educated, and effective, then society will no doubt crumble. So it’s not hard to see why this is a recession-proof job.



It’s not quite as essential as a few other jobs, but it’s still necessary to maintain lawful practices. Kind of like education, it’s a necessity to society since otherwise things would break down in a hurry.



In a world that runs on money, finance is still important even if some people can’t see the sense of it. The ability to control and maintain the finances of one country or another is important when it comes to infrastructure.

Mental Health


It feels as though now, more than ever, mental health experts and facilities are needed in a big way. This is one of those types of jobs that will not go away anytime soon.



As a vital part of the infrastructure, those who work in a utility job are absolutely needed. They’re not going to be lax anytime soon, since from small towns to big cities they’re vital to society.



There’s a reason why trade school is pushed a little more often than universities since the practical application is far more valuable. Those with a trade will often find work far easier than those with a degree that has no real application.

Grocery Stores


During a recession, it’s easy to see how the grocery store becomes a haven. If people aren’t eating out that often and don’t grow their own food, then they’re going to need grocery stores.

Delivery/Driver Services


Be it the mail, a package, or a food delivery, drivers have become a vital part of our daily lives. It’s best to do things on your own, but when that’s not possible, this service is a boon.


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