15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Industry Experts


There are at least 15 reasons why you should listen to industry experts, even though they are “experts” in their field. It has more to do with being human than it does with their experience.

They’re human and fallible


This can be said about anyone obviously, but we often put experts on a pedestal for various reasons. Industry experts are supposed to be highly knowledgeable after all.

There’s always something they can still learn


The real experts will recognize that learning is still important to their job. Others will lean on their past and current knowledge and not bother with new methods and techniques.

Their knowledge is a bias that keeps them from seeing mistakes


A lot of industry experts have learned over time that they need to change. But some still cling to the old ideas that have worked for so long.

Occasionally they do lose touch with the people they’re trying to help


Much like anyone who climbs to the top of their field, industry experts can and do lose touch with their fellow human beings. It’s a very common failing of anyone who ascends to a different socioeconomic status.

They’re too close to the industry to see how it affects society


This sounds like a bold claim, but it’s very real. It’s also unfortunate since industry leaders should have their fingers on the pulse of humanity.

The knowledge they have isn’t always backed by wisdom


There’s intelligence and there’s wisdom, and some people are sorely lacking in the latter. When all that matters is that you’re the smartest in the room, it’s obvious that you’re not that wise.

They’re getting paid for their expertise


Money is a powerful motivator. Unfortunately, it also blinds a lot of people to the truth behind the marketing that goes into their industry.

Many are controlled by corporations that value quantity over quality


With so many people to serve it’s fair to say that quantity becomes a lot more important to many corporations. Greed and avarice became powerful tools used to control the masses.

Their knowledge is based on facts and statistics that change constantly


In a lot of industries, things change quickly. Too many industry experts don’t change their ways and styles of thinking as quickly.

Their personal bias does come into play occasionally


Like it or not, a person’s bias will come into play when it comes to business. This fact is lost on too many people who think that experts are always keeping a level head about their practices.

Many don’t even utilize the knowledge or products they push


If you don’t bother with the products or services you’re pushing, then how are you an expert? There are exceptions for certain, but it’s still tough to say that a person is an expert if they don’t know enough about their product.

Some ‘experts’ are less educated than the people who use their products


In some fields, it doesn’t take much to be listed as an expert. Unfortunately, this means that people who don’t have a lot of knowledge can label themselves as experts.

Calling a person an expert is way too easy


The label is not something that needs to be affixed to just anyone. Like many titles, it needs to be earned.

True experts are those who are constantly innovating


If a person isn’t thinking up new ideas and ways to push a service or good, then they’re not much of an expert. Innovation is important for society, and many experts recognize this.

When prestige is the reason for expertise then experts are worth a lot less


If all a person wants is the prestige that comes with the title of ‘expert’, then it becomes a worthless term. Some experts don’t even want to acknowledge this word.


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