Three Reasons You Should Not Talk Negatively About Your Coworkers

It can be really tempting to talk negatively about your coworkers, especially when what you have to say about them is very true.  Resist the temptation.  Choosing to talk negatively about your coworkers is a bad idea that will get you on the train to job difficulties fast.  It may give you momentary pleasure to vent your frustrations with a coworker to someone else in the office but the price for such an act can be very high.

It can get back to your coworker.  Even if tensions are running high between you and a coworker, when you choose to talk negatively about them, things can get much worse.  It can get back to them and things between you may go downhill even further.  They may be hurt, angry or even try to seek vengeance against you.

It looks really bad on you.  You really show your lack of maturity when you choose to stoop low enough to talk negatively about someone you work with.  What that says to others is that you do not have the maturity to either work it out or rise above it.  You are putting yourself right on the level of your coworker that is acting badly.

It can hurt your chances for advancement within the company.  If it gets out that you have been talking negatively about those that you work with, it may not bode well for your career.  Upper management takes a lot of things into consideration when they consider who to advance in position, including ethics.

Although it can be tempting to talk negatively about a coworker, the price really is too high.  Make the right choice and don’t stoop that low.

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