20 Reasons Nobody Wants To Work

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There are more than 20 reasons why nobody wants to work, but there are plenty that are simple and straight to the point. The lack of desire to work does come from legitimate issues in the workplace.

People with degrees don’t want to take low-paying jobs


This isn’t tough to understand since nobody wants to work at a fast food joint when they have a degree in engineering. Unfortunately, a degree without experience is a piece of paper.

Educated people can’t survive on minimum wage


Technically, no one can survive on minimum wage alone unless they’re one of two incomes in a home. But then again, a person can survive if they lower their standards.

The job market requires too much experience for many peopleĀ 


It’s understandable how nobody wants to work if they’re expected to have five to ten years of experience right out of college. But then again, that’s what internships and coop programs are for.

No job security


Call it loyalty or whatever you’d like. But the fact is that if a person feels they could lose their job at any moment it’s not a great job and won’t foster loyalty.

Ridiculous jobs that offer no advancement

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If there’s no way to move up then there’s not much of a point to a job. Nobody wants to work for a place that will lock them into a low salary for years.

Perks instead of pay raises

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A thank you with a smile for hard work isn’t fair or even polite. It’s even worse when your employer expects you to thank them for the work you’ve done.

No appreciation for hard work


Some employers expect their employees to show thanks for even having a job. Those same employers often forget that this goes both ways.

Bosses trying to push the idea that employees need to earn their pay raise


Of course, a person needs to earn a pay raise. But shifting the goalpost, as the saying goes, is not fair and it’s not a great business practice.

If a person is sick, then they’re sick


People do abuse sick days, but assuming that they don’t want to come to work for one reason or another is ridiculous. If a person does the right thing and calls in they’re showing responsibility.

Unrealistic expectations

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Going above and beyond is a great way to get noticed. But an employer expecting their employees to do anything and everything they want, especially if it goes beyond their job description, is ridiculous.

Penalties for using sick days


The sick days that employers pencil into the contract are there for people to use. Some folks might abuse them, but penalizing their use is shady.

Requiring proof of every illness


When a person is ill after every payday or too many days in a row, it sounds like a good idea. But when an employee needs time to recover from a flu or a cold…no.

‘Asking’ employees to donate sick days


How does this even work? How does anyone ‘donate’ a sick day to anyone? More like stealing from employees than anything.

Demanding that people show up for work

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The understanding is that if you don’t show up, you don’t have a job. But if you’re asked to show up on a day off, well, no, that’s not how it works. We’re currently seeing a power struggle between employers stuck in commercial leases and employees that want to reclaim over 10 hours per week they spend preparing and commuting to work.

Changing policies on a whim


If there’s no consistency in a workplace then there’s no way to feel secure. Granted, new businesses will change continually as things are built, but changing founding policies is tricky.

Guilt trips for taking time off


Has this ever worked on anyone? How in the world would an employer make someone feel bad about taking time off?

Regulating bathroom time/use


A workplace needs a bathroom and the ability to use it. Sure, staying in the bathroom all day indicates an issue of some sort, but an employer shouldn’t even try to deny regular bathroom use.

Denying breaks


If the workplace is busy then this is understandable, sometimes. But if an employer flat denies a person their breaks, it’s grounds for a lawsuit in some workplaces.

Not making necessary accommodations


In some situations, a separate room for expectant mothers does exist in some workplaces. One has to know their employees and know how to take care of them.

Not creating a safe work environment


This is important. If an employee doesn’t feel safe, from a reasonable standpoint, then the employer needs to fix whatever needs fixing.


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