Outdated Work Rules That Don’t Apply Anymore

There are so many rules that apply to the work place; I cannot even begin to list them all here. However, some of these rules are outdated and no longer apply. Times have changed since many office etiquette rules were invented, and it’s time to put an end to the myth that these rules are not meant to be broken. Sometimes breaking them creates more productivity and a better work environment.  Here are three outdated work rules.

Keep Emotions Out of It

Yes, your emotions aren’t really appropriate for the office, but sometimes they are. When a coworker does not get along with you, and you feel that it hampers your productivity, you need to say something. You may feel as if you are coming across as emotional, but in reality you are simply working through a problem.

Work Your Way to the Top

Not everyone has dreams and aspirations of becoming the president and CEO of a company. If you love your job, and the positions higher than yours are ones you feel have too much responsibility and not enough satisfaction, don’t feel pressured to work toward them. Not every teacher wants to be principal, because the job is completely different and not as rewarding to some.

Do Your Job

This one is tricky; you were hired to do a job, and that is what is expected of you. However, only doing the job you were hired to do is not always enough. If you do have corporate career aspirations, you should do your job to the fullest and find ways to help improve the company from other positions as well. Don’t be afraid to tell your boss that you noticed that there seems to be something missing somewhere and you think you might know how to make that missing piece work in a different, more productive manner.


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