How to Make Money Being a Webcam Star

computers help webcam stars earn money

When I say webcam star, what comes to mind? If you are thinking along the lines of inappropriate behavior in front of a camera for the viewing ‘pleasures’ of a questionable audience, you’d be incorrect. Despite the fact that this is precisely where my mind also went, it’s not what we’re discussing now. What we are discussing is making money as a webcam star in a way that does not involve any inappropriate or questionable behavior, which is something that might pique your interest a bit more. It’s called YouNow and it’s an internet money-making sensation at the moment.

Essentially, you sit down in front of a camera and just do whatever it is that you do. You can brush your hair and discuss with your viewers the fact that you like to use a 45-degree angle when brushing because it makes your hair smoother and more pliable. You can paint your toe nails and tell the world that you avoid rough calluses and gross diseases by always washing your feet with antibacterial soap. If you have enough people watching, you can do whatever it is that you want to do and get paid for it.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, for some it is. For others, however, it’s a great concept that allows you to make some money and live a life that you love. Of course, there’s more to it than just getting on the computer and filming a few videos. Perhaps you are wondering, like many people, why this sounds so much like YouTube. Perhaps you are wondering how it’s possible you can make money this way even though you’ve already tried YouTube and it did not work for you in this aspect. YouNow is different in that it’s not prerecorded video being used. Rather, it’s videos you record live and stream as you go. Here’s what you need to know.

How it Works

Essentially, you need to start filming yourself doing whatever it is you do. Some people sing. Some people color and draw and provide instructions while they do it. Some people sit in front of their computer screen with their bathrobe on and answer questions from their fans. Every person that makes money on YouNow does whatever it is that they do with a minimum of about 500 subscribers and frequent videos. You’re not going to make a ton from the start, but the chances are good that you can work your way toward a nice audience by doing what you do and being persistent about. It some people film once a day. Some people film multiple times a day or for hours at a time and make money like that. It all just depends on what you do, how you do it and what kind of time you have to commit to this.

Get Started

The first thing that you have to do to make money using YouNow is become a partner of the site. This is actually a lot easier than it sounds; just sign up on the site. To earn money, you have to broadcast your ‘show’ at least two times per week and you have to have around 500 followers to start. You also have to follow the rules. The rules aren’t difficult to follow, but they can be easy to forget if you’re a live in the moment kind of person. The rules for broadcasting on YouNow state that you must:

Always wear clothes

Not hurt yourself

Not hurt others

Do not use inappropriate hate speech

Do not bully others

Do not share personal information

Do not share contact information

Do not impersonate anyone else on the site

Do not ask for tips

Do not solicit anything

Do not violate any copyrights on anything

Essentially, you need to keep things appropriate at all times and you can start earning money.


About the tips; that’s how you earn money. You don’t do advertising, which is how you make money on channels such as YouTube. Instead, what you do is get tips. Your follower and subscribers can leave you tips and that’s how you get paid. It might not sound like much, but there are some people that have been able to replace their actual income this way, including someone who was making more than $73,000 per year in his regular everyday job.

Do it Now

This is not a guaranteed source of income. For one, you have to rely on others decisions that you are worth watching. Secondly, you have to consider something that many critics believe is the basic truth; this is not a business model that might be around forever. Consider the fact that the internet is full of free entertainment. Eventually, people might remember that they don’t have to pay you to entertain them when there are so many other ways that they can find entertainment on the internet. So, while it might work now, now might be the only time that YouNow works, so it’s time to get on board with this particular business model.

Consider Other Money Making Models

The good news with a site like YouNow is that even if it’s not around forever, you could become famous and very successful in another light. Plenty of people that got their start on the internet are now superstars. They’re invited to talk shows, on reality shows, they have roles in movies and television series and they become models and authors and they get to have their own shows and so on and so forth. Many of today’s biggest celebs were ‘created’ when they decided to start their own YouTube channel or something similar, so YouNow could do the same thing for you. Just remember to follow the guidelines, keep it consistent and be present.

You can’t make money if you’re not there working to make the money. The good news is that some people will watch you doing nothing more than petting your cat and be willing to pay for that. That’s just how the world works anymore.

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