Lessons You’ll Learn at Your First Job

College graduates are excited to start their careers, make a little money, and feel like adults for the first time. About five minutes after their first job interview, they exchange their excitement for terror and their enthusiasm for desperation. Finding your dream job is difficult, and most people will start off doing something they never thought they’d be doing (six years of school and an MBA to fetch coffee?) but most people have to start at the bottom. Here are a few ways to alleviate your fears when you start your first real job.

You’ll Learn a Lot From Your Boss

Your boss is the first person who ever teaches you how to manage others. This will come in hand someday when you are running your own company or working as a management person for a major corporation or perhaps being part of an rpo. Now, whether your boss teaches you how to be the best boss on the planet or exactly what not to do – ever – is entirely different.

You Will Get Better

Your boss may tell you that you’re good at the job, or he may tell you that you aren’t good at the job. Whatever you hear, understand that you will improve. Over time you may become the best employee your company has ever had, or you may realize that it is not for you at all and move on.

You Will Laugh

Jobs aren’t supposed to be terrible. Sure, we always joke that our bosses are awful, our coworkers are miserable, and we never get paid enough, but it’s not always the truth. No matter where you work you will have a good time, at least sometimes. You will laugh with your coworkers, make new friends, meet hilarious people, and take home a lot of valuable lessons on the job that you wouldn’t get otherwise.


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